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     Sheikh Haikel fired from DJ job at Perfect 10






Excerpt of letter by Lau Chee Kin to Straits Times Forum Page of 30 Jul 2004

"....During that programme, a student called and asked DJs...Ong and Sheik Haikel how he should approach someone he fancied in the bus he was taking to school.

"I was horrified by what Sheik said over the air, to thousands of schoolchildren all over Singapore going to school and listening in. He told the listener to ask the girl whether she was wearing white panties.

"....., to his credit, tried to stop him by saying the boy might not even be 16, but Sheik continued by saying he should also ask if they were cotton or lace.

"I turned off the radio immediately.

"Such irresponsible, low-class and crude jokes or comments must never be aired. It's about time we had some guidelines as to what can be said over the airwaves."

Excerpt of letter by Chow Moh Hoong (Mdm) to Straits Times Forum Page of 4 Aug 2004

".....Deejays on Morning Madness have been telling obscene jokes, making crude comments on sex, sexual organs and sexual behaviour in almost every broadcast. What has happened to refinement, good taste and style?

".....Some time ago, a woman presenter asked sportsmen if they agreed that sporting performance improved after sex.
".....On another occasion, Jamie Tan ended a programme by saying ' we (she was with Sheikh Haikel) are enjoying ourselves here massaging and masturbating each other '.
".....DJs Sheikh Haikel and Daniel Ong seem to take delight in outdoing each other in lewdness.
".....Could the authorities tell us what they are going to do about Morning Madness?"

Excerpt of letter by Erina Cook (Ms), Programme Director, Perfect Ten 98.7FM, MediaCorp Radio to Straits Times Forum Page of 4 Aug 2004

".....We would like to thank Mr Lau Chee Kin for his feedback on Perfect Ten 98.7FM's Morning Madness programme.

"The two deejays - Daniel Ong and Sheikh Haikel - were addressing the caller's question on how he could approach a girl he likes.

"Among the suggestions offered were to make small talk and introduce himself before exchanging contact numbers. The cheeky banter was unfortunately carried too far and we apologise if it offended listeners.
"We would like to assure Mr Lau that MediaCorp Radio has internal guidelines governing the content of radio programmes and will continue to monitor its programmes."

Excerpt of letter by Natasha A Majeed to Life!, Straits Times of 27 Aug 2004 (L12)

".....What he said was lewd, even bordering on obscene, but I don't think it warrants a sacking.

"listeners have different preferences, so if one prefers a less edgy approach, one can switch channels or even turn off the radio...

"Also, aren't we being hypocritical here? Television can get away with programmes like Temptation Island and Love Cruise which display flagrant sexual promiscuity, but Sheikh Haikel can't talk about white panties on air?...

Excerpt of letter by Nancy Juliana Awyong to Life!, Straits Times of 27 Aug 2004 (L12)

".....I enjoyed listening to Perfect 10 because of the pairing of Sheikh and Daniel Ong. But now, I no longer listen to the station as I feel that injustice has been done there.

"Surely one listener does not represent the majority who love having them on the air. Why give up the whole forest for only one tree?