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     FrontPage Edition: Wed 21 June 2006

Commando officer dies during training in swimming pool


Death of Serviceman
A Commando regular officer, Lieutenant (LTA) Lionel Lin Shi Guan, 24, died after encountering difficulties while undergoing training at the swimming pool in Hendon Camp this afternoon.
The training was conducted with an instructor assigned to each trainee. When LTA Lin encountered difficulties, the instructor assigned to him immediately passed him a float. LTA Lin was then instructed to swim to the pool edge.
While swimming towards the edge of the pool, LTA Lin went below the surface of the water. The instructor, who was next to him in the water, lifted him up and brought him to the pool edge where immediate medical attention was rendered.
LTA Lin began vomiting and passed out. He was then rushed to the Hendon Medical Centre at 4.05pm where two doctors attempted to resuscitate him.
LTA Lin was evacuated to Changi General Hospital at 4.10pm and arrived at 4.25pm. He was pronounced dead at 4.59pm.
MINDEF and the SAF extend their deepest condolences to the family of the late LTA Lin, and will be assisting the family in their time of grief. MINDEF will be conducting an inquiry to ascertain the circumstances and the cause of death.

Source: News Release 21 Jun 2006

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