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     FrontPage Edition: Wed 21 February 2007

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Chingay Parade of Dreams 2007

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Traffic Arrangements for Chingay Parade of Dreams 2007

The Chingay Parade of Dreams 2007 Preview and the actual event will be held along Orchard Road on Friday, 23 Feb 07 and Saturday, 24 Feb 07 at 7pm respectively.
The parade on both days will comprise of decorative floats with both local and foreign performers along the road.
To facilitate the traffic arrangements for the parade, the following roads will be closed to vehicular traffic on Friday, 23 Feb 07 from 6.30pm to 12.00 midnight and on Saturday, 24 Feb 07 from 5.00pm to 2.00 am the following day:
Full road closure:
  1. Orchard Road (between Scotts Road and Buyong Road);
  2. Oxley Road (between Penang Road and Orchard Road);
  3. Killiney Road (between Somerset Road Orchard Road);
  4. Koek Road (between driveway of Orchard Point car park and Orchard Road);
  5. Cuppage Road (between exit of Centrepoint car park and Orchard Road);
  6. Grange Road (between Orchard Road and Somerset Road);
  7. Orchard Link (between Orchard Turn and Orchard Road);
  8. Mount Elizabeth (between Nutmeg Road and Orchard Road);
  9. Paterson Road (converted to a one-way traffic leading from Orchard Road towards Orchard Boulevard);
Lane closure:
  1. One lane of Orchard Boulevard (extreme right lane) between Orchard Turn and Paterson Road.
During the road closure, the following traffic schemes will be implemented:
  1. Scotts Road: Motorists traveling along Scotts Road towards the direction of Paterson Road will be diverted to travel on the right carriage-way of Paterson Road between Orchard Road and Orchard Boulevard;
  2. Orchard Road junction to Paterson Road and Scotts Road: Motorists traveling along Orchard Rd can only turn left into Scotts Rd;
  3. Paterson Road junction to Orchard Boulevard: Motorists traveling along Paterson Rd towards Scotts Rd can only make a left turn into Orchard Boulevard;
  4. Driveway and service road in front of Singapore Marriot Hotel : The driveway and service road in front of Singapore Marriott Hotel will be temporarily closed to vehicular traffic;
  5. Side road between Singapore Marriott Hotel and Lucky Plaza : The entrance and exit into the side road between Singapore Marriott Hotel and Lucky Plaza will be via Scotts Road;
  6. Lucky Plaza car park : The entrance and exit of the car park is via Nutmeg Road. Vehicles are also allowed to exit Mount Elizabeth Road;
  7. Driveway of the Promenade: There is no entry to the driveway of the Promenade. However, vehicles leaving the building can exit via the driveway into Mount Elizabeth;
  8. Bideford Road : Bideford Road between the exit of Crown Prince Hotel and Cairnhill Road will be converted into a temporary two-way road;
  9. Cairnhill Road : Cairnhill Road between Bideford Road and Orchard Road will be temporarily converted into a two-way road;
  10. Koek Road : Koek Road between Kramat Road and the driveway of Orchard Point Building car park will be converted into a temporary two-way road; and
  11. Kramat Lane: The traffic flow for Kramat Lane from Buyong Road to Cavenagh Road will be reversed towards the direction of Buyong Road.
Motorists are advised to avoid Orchard Road including the peripheral roads leading to the affected area. Auxiliary Police officers will be stationed at all the affected junctions to assist motorists and regulate traffic. A layout plan of the area is at Annex A.
Motorists intending to proceed to the Orchard area from the northern, eastern and western parts of the island are advised to use the following alternative routes:
  1. Northern Part C via Bukit Timah Road and Ophir Road;
  2. Eastern Part C via ECP and Nicoll Highway;
  3. Western Part C via Jalan Bukit Merah / AYE / Keppel Road.
SBS Transit and SMRT buses serving the affected roads will be diverted during the period of the road closure.
21 February 2007 @ 10am

Source: News Release 21 Feb 2007

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