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     FrontPage Edition: Wed 21 November 2007

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Chee Siok Chin and John Tan removed from ASEAN Summit Protected Area


Police response to Chee Siok Chin and John Tanís exit from ASEAN Summit Protected Area and Persons Gathered outside Orchard Parade Hotel
At about 6.00 pm today, Chee Siok Chin and John Tan had walked into Orange Grove Road, which is an area gazetted as a Protected Area.
Police officers deployed along the stretch of road first engaged the pair at the junction of Orange Grove Road and Orchard Rd and advised them that they were about to enter the protected area and that they should not do so.
However, they ignored the advice of the officers and continued to proceed along Orange Grove Road towards the Shangri-La Hotel. Police engaged them again along Orange Grove Road near Anderson Road .
They were warned repeatedly that they had entered the protected area, and should they refuse to leave, they would be removed. When they ignored the repeated warnings, and still refused to leave and continued to move forward, police officers led them into a police vehicle to bring them out of the protected area.
The police officers offered to drive Chee and Tan to the SDP office but Chee requested to be alighted at Orchard Hotel as she claimed that her car was parked there. Both Chee and Tan were alighted at the hotel.
The area around Shangri-La Hotel and three other venues have been gazetted as Protected Areas. Any person engaging in activities, which may compromise the security of the ASEAN Summit, including protesting within the Protected Areas, may be removed to ensure the safety and security of the Summit .
Police had earlier today facilitated the request of four Singaporeans who had wanted to pass a greeting card to the ASEAN Summit leaders. They handed the card to an ASEAN Summit official outside the Protected Area and left. These four persons were not subjected to any police action.
Separately, Police were also informed at about 7pm today that some people wearing red t-shirts had assembled outside Orchard Parade Hotel near the Starbucks outlet. When Police officers approached the location, there was a group of about 35 persons standing in line holding hands. A banner was also displayed. Police advised them to disperse as they had committed an offence of unlawful assembly. The group heeded the advice and dispersed peacefully from the area.
Police will be investigating into the possible offences committed by Chee and Tan, as well as the outdoor protest outside Orchard Parade Hotel.
Police reiterate our advice to the public not to participate in an unlawful assembly or procession. The public are also advised to stay away from the vicinity of such illegal protest activities.
Members of the public who choose to give expression to their political views or who wish to organise political activities are urged to do so through available avenues and lawful means. Indoor political forums by Singaporeans are exempt from the need to apply for any licence.
Foreigners who wish to do so can apply for a licence from any Police station or on-line at Such licences have been granted in the past.
21 November 2007 at 12.30am

Source: News Release 21 Nov 2007

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