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     FrontPage Edition: Tue 2 Dec 2008

New CEPAS-compliant ez-link card


SeP Ready For Implementation

LTA launches public education programme on new CEPAS-compliant card ahead of launch in December 2008
The Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) next-generation e-payment system for public transit, Symphony for e-Payment (SeP), is ready for implementation.
A trial to test the system was held from 29 August to 28 October 2008. The trial, which involved some 5,000 commuters, generated 1.7 million transactions and has confirmed that the system is ready for revenue service.
Developed in-house by the LTA, SeP is built on the Singapore Standard for Contactless ePurse Application (CEPAS) which allows any smart card that complies with the standard to be used with the system and in a wide variety of payment applications.
With SeP, commuters will be able to use cards issued by any card issuer for transit purposes as long as the card complies with the CEPAS standard and includes the transit application. Commuters can eventually use CEPAS-compliant cards for Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) payments in vehicles fitted with the new generation In-vehicle Unit (IU), Electronic Parking System (EPS) carparks and other electronic payment systems that support the CEPAS standard.
Initially, EZ-Link will offer its CEPAS-compliant cards. As more card issuers enter the market, commuters will have more choices and convenience.
Holders of the current ez-link card will get new CEPAS-compliant cards in a free one-for-one card replacement exercise which will start in January 2009. Details of the exercise will be announced in early January 2009. EZ-Link card holders will have ample time and avenues to replace their cards.
Meanwhile, EZ-Link will start selling its new ez-link CEPAS-compliant card from late December 2 008 to commuters who need to purchase an ez-link card. The card costs $15 (i.e. card cost of $5 and a $10 stored value) and can be purchased from all TransitLink Ticket Offices.
Public Education Programme on Features of New Card
Unlike the existing ez-link card, the new CEPAS-compliant ez-link card will not have requirement for a travel deposit. Commuters will have full use of the stored value of the card for transit and non-transit purposes.
To ensure commuters are familiar with the no-deposit feature and use of the CEPAS-compliant card, LTA will launch a public education programme for commuters from today.
Posters highlighting the no-deposit feature of the new card will be put up at MRT stations and bus interchanges/stops as well as on trains and buses. These posters also remind commuters to ensure that they have sufficient value in their cards to complete their journey before entering the transit system, and to top-up their cards when the balance is low (i.e. less than $5) as there is no travel deposit to tap on.
When SeP is launched this December 2008, the new system and the existing Enhanced Integrated Farecard System (EIFS) will run concurrently to allow commuters ample time to replace their cards.
Besides the public education posters, commuters may also visit to learn more about SeP and the new CEPAS-compliant card.
Annex 1: Features of the CEPAS-compliant card
Annex 2: Do’s when using the CEPAS-compliant card for transit
Annex 3: New ez-link CEPAS-compliant card

Source: News Release 2 Dec 2008

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