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     Vehicles - Compulsory Inspection

      Vehicle Inspection - Compulsory


When does your vehicle need inspection?

-  check the table given below

-  you will receive your inspection notice from the Land & Transport Authority three (3) months before the road tax expires 

     Frequency of Inspection

Vehicle Types Frequency Inspection Fees
  <3 years 3-10 years >10 years First Inspection Subsequent Inspection
Motorcycles & scooters NA Annually Annually S$15 S$8
Cars & stationwagons NA Biennially Annually S$54 S$27
All tuition cars Annually Annually Annually S$54 S$27
Private hire cars NA Biennially Annually S$54 S$54
Taxis 6-monthly 6-monthly NA S$54 S$27
SBS buses 6-monthly 6-monthly 6-monthly S$60 S$30
TIBs buses 6-monthly 6-monthly 6-monthly S$60 S$30
CSS buses 6-monthly 6-monthly 6-monthly S$60 S$30
Other buses Annually Annually Annually S$60 S$30
Light goods vehicles (MLW <3,000 kg) Annually Annually 6-monthly S$54 S$27
Heavy goods vehicles (2 axles) Annually Annually 6-monthly S$60 S$30
Heavy goods vehicles / buses / trailer with prime mover (>2 axles) Annually Annually 6-monthly S$65 S$35
Trailers Annually Annually Annually S$50 S$25

*Fee does not include GST


Vehicle Inspection Centres:

Vicom Ltd

Bukit Batok Inspection Centre
511 Bukit Batok St 23
Singapore 659545

Sin Ming Inspection Centre
385 Sin Ming Drive
Singapore 575718

Changi Inspection Centre
20 Changi North Crescent
Singapore 499613

Yishun Inspection Centre
501 Yishun Industrial Pk A
Singapore 768732

Kaki Bukit Inspection Centre
23 Kaki Bukit Ave 4
Singapore 415933 provides one-stop, comprehensive real-time traffic information for travellers to make well-informed travel decisions. It is linked to various intelligent transport systems viz. ERP, EMAS, GLIDE, RIMS and TrafficScan.




     - Stricter smoke test for diesel vehicles from 1 January 2007


From 7 Aug 2003, vehicle owners have to pay a fee of S$20 or S$50 to notify LTA of specific changes made to their cars, lorries or vans. These fees are on top of those to be paid for the vehicle to be checked at an inspection centre. The S$20 fee is for changes, such as attaching a new sunroof, not requiring LTA approval. The S$50 fee is for changes, such as converting a bus to a van, needing LTA's approval. (Straits Times 6 Aug 2003 H4)

  Motorists who need to get their Electronic Road Pricing in-vehicle unit (IU) inspected can now do so at nine other vehicle-inspection centres at Vicom, ST Automotive Inspection and Jurong Inspection Centre. Motorists need only inspect their IUs when the ERP system detects an error in either the IU or the CashCard when a vehicle passes through any ERp gantry in operation. Motorists will then receive a notice asking them to get their vehicles checked at an inspection centre. (Straits Times 17 Nov 2001)(H3)

  Inspection fees for all cars and goods vehicles here will go up from 27 Apr 2001. First-time inspection fees will rise by S$4 while repeat inspection fees will go up by S$2 for all categories. A statement from Vicom, Singapore's largest vehicle inspection company, said that fees for cars, light goods vehicles and taxis would be S$54. Repeat inspections would cost S$27. Inspection fees were last increased in December 1997 but the increase then ranged from S$10 for light vehicles to S$20 for heavy goods vehicles. (Straits Times 26 Apr 2001)

This section commenced on 15 Apr 2001