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     Lifestyle: The Singapore Sweep gets a major makeover



Three 4D Draws And The $2Million Singapore Sweep Draw In A Single Ticket

After 40 years, the Singapore Sweep is finally getting a major makeover. A very popular traditional lottery game, Sweep had its beginnings in 1966, when the Singapore Sweep tickets were priced at $1 for a top prize of $350,000. Today, the monthly jackpot is worth $2million.

New Sweep

2.          While the price of the new Sweep ticket remains unchanged, at $3 (including GST), the new Sweep offers significant new features: 


4 Draws Instead Of 1 

With the new Sweep, the customer does not have to wait a whole month before he finds out if he has won a prize. Each Sweep ticket allows a person to participate in 4 draws, 1 draw a week, 4 weeks in a row.  



Bonus 4D Game

There are 3 Bonus 4D and 1 Sweep game in every Singapore Sweep ticket. Each Bonus 4D game is linked to a specific Wednesday 4D draw. Every Bonus 4D game has 6,900 prizes worth $60 each and 25 prizes worth $2,000 each.  



4 Times More Prizes

The number of prizes available to be won from each Singapore Sweep ticket will increase from 6,803 to 27,808.  



12% Increase In Total Prize Value

The total prize value increased from $4.3million to almost $4.8million.  



3.         Each Sweep ticket has 4 separate portions.  The top-most portion carries the 7-digit number for the Sweep game. The three lower portions contain the Bonus 4D game. For each of the lower portions, the customer must scratch off the Bonus 4D portion to reveal a 4-digit number. Match the revealed numbers against the specific Wednesday 4D Draw results if there is a match, the customer wins a prize.

4.          Singapore Pools expects customers to respond well to the new Sweep. A Pools spokesperson said, ^Over the years, we periodically receive suggestions from customers to improve the prize structure and design.  We worked with many ideas before arriving at this new format.  The New Singapore Sweep game allows customers to play more times without spending more money. We hope the new game format will appeal to customers who may otherwise turn to illegal operators to attain their little flutter. ̄


On Sale 2 March 2006

5.          The new Sweep will be available at all Singapore Pools Branches and authorized retailers starting from Thursday, 2 March 2006.  

6.          Over the years, the Sweep, which is a passive lottery with pre-printed tickets, has found a role as an income source for disabled and financially distressed persons who ply the streets selling the tickets. We hope that they will find it easier to sell the New Sweep and earn more commissions.  .

Source: Press Release 27 Feb 2006