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     School Achievements in 2006

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Best Practice Award (BPA)


  1. The Best Practice Award (BPA) recognises schools for their effective processes and systems that lead to desirable education outcomes, academic or non-academic. There are four categories of award for the BPA: Organisational Effectiveness, Student All-Round Development, Staff Well-Being, and Teaching and Learning.


  1. This year, 12 schools will be presented with 18 BPAs. The breakdown is as follows:
    1. 1 school will receive BPA for Organisational Effectiveness;
    2. 3 schools will receive BPA for Student All-Round Development;
    3. 7 schools will receive BPA for Staff Well-Being; and
    4. 7 schools will receive BPA for Teaching and Learning.

The schools will receive a plaque for each category of the BPA.

  1. Details on the SEA, SDA and BPA winners from 2004 to 2006 can be found in Annex A.


Sustained Achievement Award (SAA)


  1. The Sustained Achievement Award (SAA) recognises schools¡¯ ability in sustaining good outcomes over a number of years, in either academic or non-academic areas.


  1. This year, 167 schools will be presented with 251 SAAs. The breakdown of the 251 SAAs is as follows:
    1. 17 SAAs for Academic Value-Added;
    2. 26 SAAs for Aesthetics;
    3. 30 SAAs for Sports;
    4. 72 SAAs for Uniformed Groups; and
    5. 106 SAAs for Physical Health.
  2. The winning schools are:
    1. 63 Primary6 Schools winning 72 SAAs
    2. 93 Secondary7 Schools winning 155 SAAs; and
    3. 11 Junior Colleges8 winning 24 SAAs.

The schools will receive a plaque for each category of the SAA.

  1. Twenty of the winning schools are also first time winners of an SAA. The 20 schools are listed in Annex B.
Lee Kuan Yew National Education (LKY NE) Award


  1. Implemented in 2002, the Lee Kuan Yew National Education (LKY NE) Award recognises schools that have made special effort to design and implement innovative and effective programmes to equip our students with basic attitudes, values and instincts which make them Singaporeans. As the LKY NE Award is the pinnacle of the NE awards, winners of the LKY NE Award will be deemed to have attained the Outstanding Development Award for National Education.


  1. This year, 2 schools will be receiving the LKY NE Award. The schools will each receive a plaque and a cash award of $3,000. They are:
    1. Telok Kurau Primary School; and
    2. Bendemeer Secondary School.
Outstanding Development Award (ODA)

i. Outstanding Development Award for National Education [ODA(NE)]


  1. The Outstanding Development Award for National Education [ODA(NE)] recognises schools¡¯ consistent efforts in establishing strong and sustainable processes to ensure the inculcation of NE values among students.


  1. This year, 4 schools will be presented with ODA(NE). The schools will each receive a plaque. They are:
    1. MacPherson Primary School;North Spring Primary School;
    2. Damai Secondary School; and
    3. Riverside Secondary School.

ii. Outstanding Development Award for Character Development [ODA(CD)]


  1. The Outstanding Development Award for Character Development [ODA(CD)] recognises schools with innovative, sustainable and exemplary approaches to character development. The ODA(CD) will be given out for the first time this year. More Information on the award can also be found in Annex E.


  1. This year, 13 schools will be presented with ODA(CD). The schools will each receive a plaque. They are:
    1. Gongshang Primary School;
    2. Princess Elizabeth Primary School;
    3. Anglican High School;
    4. Catholic High School;
    5. Cresent Girls¡¯ School;
    6. Fairfield Methodist Secondary School;
    7. Xinmin Secondary School;
    8. Anglo-Chinese School (Independent);
    9. Hwa Chong Institution;
    10. Raffles Girls¡¯ School (Secondary);
    11. Raffles Institution;
    12. Jurong Junior College; and
    13. Temasek Junior College.
  2. Information on schools that have attained awards under MoA9 can be found in Annex C.

(B) A Holistic Approach: School Achivement Tables

Broadening of Information on School Achievements

  1. The School Achievement Tables provide a broader picture of schools¡¯ performance, so that they capture schools¡¯ achievements in both the academic and non-academic domains. These comprise:
    1. Academic Value-Added Awards;
    2. Physical & Aesthetics Awards;
    3. Character Development Awards;
    4. Best Practice Awards;
    5. School Distinction Awards and School Excellence Awards.

Please see Annex D for the 2006 School Achievement Tables for secondary schools.

  1. In addition, the following are other sources of information on the achievements of schools that will also be available to the public:
    1. Honour Rolls of schools that have performed exceedingly well in the different domains of the expanded MoA10,
    2. School Information Service will allow parents and students to generate comparative lists of schools based on specified parameters.
    3. Individual School Pic, which will be available in both the School Information Service and the annual posting booklets; and
    4. School websites maintained by individual schools.


  1. The School Achievement Tables, together with the other sources of information such as Honour Rolls, School Information Service, School Pic, and individual school websites provide a holistic picture of schools¡¯ performance. This will help parents and students make more informed decisions when selecting schools. The information will also help schools to reflect on their performance and devise strategies to provide holistic education.
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List of Annexes




Annex A

Award Winners of SEA, SDA and BPA from 2004 to 2006

A1 - A4

Annex B

List of Schools that have won a Sustained Achievement Award for the First Time (2006)


Annex C

Honour Rolls for Primary Schools (2006)

C1 - C5

Honour Rolls for Secondary Schools (2006)

C6 - C16

Honour Rolls for Junior Colleges (2006)

C17 - C18

Annex D

School Achievement Table for Special/Express Course (2006)

D1- D3

School Achievement Table for Normal Course (2006)

D4 - D5

Annex E

Information on Character Development Award

E1 - E2

Annex F

List of Secondary Schools excluded from the Banding Exercise (2006)


Annex G

Reading the School Achievement Tables

G1 - G2


1The MOE Masterplan of Awards was instituted in 1998 as part of the implementation of the School Excellence Model (SEM). The SEM is a framework for school assessment that emphasises a holistic approach to education with equal focus on processes and outcomes.

2Please see para 26 for more info.

3As above.

4Achievement Awards in the categories of Aesthetics, Sports and Uniformed Group refer to the awards won at the various national level competitions such as the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Central Judging, National Schools Championships and Best Unit Competitions.

5The number of schools includes SAA, ODA, BPA, SDA and SEA awardees.

6Includes the Primary Section of Full Schools

7Includes the Secondary Section of Full Schools, Integrated Programme Schools and Merged Institution

8Includes the College Section of Integrated Programme Schools and Merged Institution

9Due to the high number of Level One AA in the Physical & Aesthetics domain, only Level Two SAA are indicated for this domain

10Please see Annex C for the 2006 Honour Rolls.

Source: Press Release 24 Sep 2006