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New School Graduation Certificate from 2008


As part of the Ministry of Education (MOE)’s effort in promoting a more holistic education, MOE will issue a comprehensive school testimonial called the School Graduation Certificate to all students who complete their education at the secondary and pre-university levels from 2008.

The School Graduation Certificate consolidates a student’s achievements in the academic and non-academic domains, and includes an assessment of his/her personal qualities, to give a complete record of his/her progress and development throughout his/her education in school.

In doing so, the School Graduation Certificate brings together various existing modes of documentation for students’ achievements in the different domains when they complete their school education (e.g. documents for academic grades and co-curricular activities, as well as testimonials).


The School Graduation Certificate will provide a holistic record of education achievements through qualitative and quantitative measures.

It serves to send a strong signal to schools, students and parents on the importance of a holistic education.  It is hoped that students will be more motivated to engage in broader educational experiences and be more proactive in embracing both academic and non-academic development.

Format & Coverage

The School Graduation Certificate will have the following features:

a. Academic achievements. The subject grades attained at the GCE “N”, “O” and “A” Levels will be reflected;

b. Non-academic achievements.  The Certificate will include the LEAPS grade attained by students who have completed secondary education.  The PEARLS grade will be used if students proceed on to, and complete, pre-university education[1]

c. Qualitative assessment of the student.  The Certificate will contain a description provided by the school, on the personal qualities of the student.  The assessment will capture the student’s strengths as an individual, as well as the areas where he/she has displayed growing maturity or development. 
Please refer to Annex for a mock-up of the School Graduation Certificate.


The School Graduation Certificate will be issued to students at the following stages in their education:

         a. Students who have completed secondary education; and

         b. Students who have completed their pre-university education.

Students who enrol in the Integrated Programmes (IP) will be issued the Certificate at the end of the IP.  The Certificate will also be issued to students in the IP offering the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Implementation Timeframe

The School Graduation Certificate will be issued from 2008.  In the meantime, systems will be put in place to ensure that schools are adequately prepared to implement the new certificate.

Mock-up on Holistic Certification

Source: Ministry of Education Press Release 29 Sep 2004


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