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     FrontPage Edition: Fri 9 June 2006

Official FIFA World Cup Commemorative Coins & Collectibles



In celebration of the coming FIFA (The Federal International de Football Association) World Cup, The Singapore Mint has been appointed sole sales agent to market the Official International FIFA Commemorative Coins, Medallions and other collectibles in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.
2006 FIFA World Cup Coins
The official 2006 FIFA World Cup coins feature 13 countries out of the 32 different countries who will be vying for the World Cup title.
These countries are: Argentina, Australia, Croatia, Ecuador, France, Italy, Ivory Coast and Toga, Mexico, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Ukraine. Each Silver Proof coin feature a unique design representative of the spirit of football in each country. The coins retail at : $98 each (GST inclusive).

2006 FIFA World Cup Coin - Argentina

2006 FIFA World Cup Coin - Italy

Player Medallions
The Player Medallions are a special collection of medals featuring the world¡¯s top football players. These medals have been specially selected from Pele¡¯s list of 100 top football players. The medals are minted in 925 Silver and retail at S$88 (GST inclusive). The list of the medallions are as follows:

a.    Javier Saviola (Argentina) 925 Silver Medallion

b.    Rivaldo (Brazil) 925 Silver Medallion

c.    Ronaldino (Brazil) 925 Silver Medallion

d.    Cafu (Brazil) 925 Silver Medallion

e.    Carlos Alberto (Brazil) 925 Silver Medallion

f.     David Beckham (England) 925 Silver Medallion

g.    Michael Owen (England) 925 Silver Medallion

h.    Robert Pires (France) 925 Silver Medallion

i.     Patrick Vieira (France) 925 Silver Medallion

j.     Oliver Kahn (Germany) 925 Silver Medallion

k.    Michael Ballack (Germany) 925 Silver Medallion

l.     Francesco Totti (Italy) 925 Silver Medallion

m.   Hidetoshi Nakata (Japan) 925 Silver Medallion

n.    Ruud Van Nistelrooy (Netherlands) 925 Silver Medallion

David Beckham 925 Silver Medallion

2006 FIFA World Cup Germany Circulation Coin Set
This coin set comprises 1 circulation coin from each of the participating 32 countries of the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. The 32 circulation coins are housed in an informative full colour packaging. This set retails at S$118 (GST inclusive) with only 15,000 sets available worldwide.

2006 FIFA World Cup Germany
To commemorate the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ in Germany the host country has issued 4 silver coins. The coins were issued yearly, from 2003 to 2006. These coins are the first series of German commemorative coins with the football motif. The coins come in both 925 Silver Proof (retail at S$90, GST inclusive) and 925 Silver Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) finish (retail at S$55, GST inclusive). Both silver coins weigh 18 gm each.
a. FIFA World Cup Germany™ Coin (2003 Issue)
This coin shows the world as a football, integrating a graphic map of Germany, where the twelve German host cities are marked.

b. FIFA World Cup Germany™ Coin (2004 Issue)
This coin symbolizes the global relevance of football by depicting a football revolving the world like a satellite.

c. FIFA World Cup Germany™ Coin (2005 Issue)
Connecting the dynamics of football and the world from an interesting perspective, a ball has just been shot into the net, symbolized by the meridians and the parallels of the world.

d. FIFA World Cup Germany™ Coin (2006 Issue)
The final coin of this series combines in a symbolic way the three key elements - the world as the outer circle, a football as the inner circle and the ¡°Brandenburger Tor¡± symbol symbolizing a united host country Germany, in the middle.

2006 Official Emblem Medal
This 25 gm 925 Silver Medallion features the 2006 FIFA logo in full colour. The medallion has a diameter of 40mm and retails at S$85 (GST inclusive).

2006 Trophy Medal
This official base metal BU with Gold Plating Trophy Medal features the 2006 World Cup trophy. The diameter is 40 mm and retails at S$45 (GST inclusive).

The Official Referee Medallion
This is the official Referee Medallion that is used during the World Cup games. This is the first in the history of the World Cup that the official Referee Medallion is made available to the public.
This Gold Plated Proof Medallion is 29 mm in diameter and weighs 15 gm. There are only 50,000 medals minted. 128 pieces will be used for the 2006 FIFA World Cup matches and 4,600 pieces are presented to select individuals and organizations by FIFA. The Official Referee Medallion retails at S$18 (GST inclusive).

Other FIFA WORLD CUP Collectibles
To celebrate the 2006 FIFA World Cup, other exciting collectibles are also available:

a.        Trophy Cup

This cup comes in the signature FIFA green, with the World Cup Trophy. This cup retails at S$20 (GST inclusive).

b.       Emblem Cup

This cup retails at S$15 (GST inclusive)

c.        2006 FIFA World Cup Mini Truck

This truck retails at $45 (GST inclusive)

Sale of the Coins
The coins and collectibles are available for sale at and pre-orders at:
• The Singapore Mint Coin Gallery 20 Teban Gardens Crescent Singapore 608928 Tel : 6566 2626

• Coin City Starhub Centre 51 Cuppage Road, #01-07 Singapore 229469 Tel : 6339 0886

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