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     FrontPage Edition: Mon 20 November 2006

MP suggests using half-height platform screen doors in MRT stations


Parliament Sitting Date: 14 November 2006

Mdm Cynthia Phua: To ask the Minister for Transport
(a) what steps have been taken to prevent fatal accidents and suicides in MRT stations; and
(b) will the Ministry consider erecting 1.4-metre high glass panels at the open platforms as barriers to prevent anyone from falling into the path of on-coming trains, as has been done in Hong Kong train stations.
Response from Transport Minister, Mr Raymond Lim
The Government takes a serious view of passenger safety on our rapid transit system.
Today, there are various safety measures in place at our MRT and LRT stations.
These include signages at the trackside to advise commuters not to stand beyond the yellow line or to go down to the tracks, Emergency Train Stop buttons at all platforms and Passenger Service Centres, and the use of CCTVs to monitor the crowd situation at the platforms.
The train operators have also actively promoted and enforced station safety through regular announcements over the public address system, and deploying staff to patrol station platforms and assist commuters.
There are also various public education programmes in place to educate commuters about the MRT system and the key safety aspects while travelling on the MRT.
Mdm Phua has suggested the use of half-height platform screen doors to prevent people from falling onto the path of an on-coming train, as has been done in Hong Kong.
The LTA will review the existing safety provisions and assess the effectiveness of platform screen doors as well as other available options, with a view to enhancing commuters¨ safety.
As safety provisions such as platform screen doors are costly to install and maintain, we will have to weigh the efficacy of installing more safety measures against the additional cost to public transport provision.
While LTA and the train operators are committed to the safety of commuters using the rapid transit system, it is important for commuters to also take personal responsibility for their own safety by observing safety instructions and announcements such as staying behind the yellow line when waiting for trains at the aboveground stations.
Shared responsibility is what is needed to minimise the occurrence of such unfortunate incidents.

Source: Press Release 14 Nov 2006

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