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     FrontPage Edition: Sun 7 January 2007

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The Swedish Ship Gothëborg visits Singapore

The ship moored outside VivoCity


The Swedish Ship Götheborg sailed into Singapore on 30 Dec 2006.
Götheborg is a replica of an East Indiaman that in 1745 ran aground and sank off the entrance to the Gothenburg harbour. Its construction is based on a marine archaeological excavation of the remnants of that ship.
On 2 Oct 2005, the Swedish Ship Götheborg commenced her expedition to China along the same route as chosen by the Swedish East India Company of those days in its trade with the Orient and China.

As a flagship for Swedish enterprise, trade and culture the ship has so far made portcalls in Vigo and C│diz in Spain, Recife in Brazil, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth/Nelson Mandela Bay in South Africa, Fremantle, Australia and Jakarta, Indonesia. She reached Guangzhou (Canton), China in July and was finally in Shanghai on 29 Aug 2006.
The journey back home started on 28 Oct 2006 when the ship left Shanghai and sailed towards Hong Kong and Singapore continuing via the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean back to Sweden.
The two seaports Singapore and Göteborg both have the lion as a symbol. It is therefore more than a coincidence that the Swedish Ship Götheborg links the two cities since she has a lion weighing 1,200 kilos for a figure-head.
The leg between Hong Kong and Singapore was a swift one and at one occasion she made 219 nautical miles in 24 hours, implying a little more than 9 knots in average speed and also that the 18th century record of the old Swedish East Indiamen, 212 nautical miles, was broken.
The Götheborg is now moored strategically opposite the newly inaugurated shopping centre VivoCity.
"Our expectations are high and we have really been looking forward to visiting Singapore and celebrate the new year here. Also we are very grateful for the excellent place of mooring, giving all interested a great opportunity of coming aboard for a closer look at the ship," says Mr. Stellan Mjärdner, CEO of SOIC, the foundation behind the ship's expedition
With 1,200 Swedish residents and some 170 Swedish companies established here, Sweden has a major presence in Singapore, one of the largest in Asia, in fact.
"I and the entire Embassy have been very much involved in the Götheborg project. This is probably the single most important marketing event Sweden ever has had in Singapore and it will be hard to surpass," says Pär Ahlberger, Swedish Ambassador to Singapore
The Swedish Ship Götheborg will stay in Singapore until January 14th.
Then the new year starts with new adventures when she resumes her voyage back to Sweden via Chennai, India and then the Suez channel, the Mediterranean and London.

For more information, visit the Swedish ship Götheborg's Web site at

Source: Press Release 29 Dec 2006 (Excerpted)

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