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     FrontPage Edition: Sun 9 September 2007

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Safety and security measures for Formula One races


Written Answer to Parliamentary Question on what safety and security measures for Formula One races will be implemented in view of the fact that the race will likely be carried out in the Central Business District or densely-populated areas, 27 August 2007
Ms Ellen Lee Geck Hoon:
To ask the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs what safety and security measures for Formula One races will be implemented in view of the fact that the race will likely be carried out in the Central Business District or densely-populated areas.
Mr Wong Kan Seng:
Singapore will be hosting the Formula 1 Grand Prix from 2008. The race will take place in a street circuit around Marina Centre, in the heart of the city.
At this stage, the various plans and details are still being worked out between the various government agencies, the race promoter, Singapore Grand Prix Pte Ltd (SGPPL) and the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), which is the international governing body for all motor racing events.
The F1 event is expected to draw a huge crowd, including a large number of foreigners. Apart from the issues of safety concerning the race drivers, officials and spectators, attention must also be paid to the threat of terrorism. Also, to facilitate the races, many roads around the Marina vicinity will have to be closed, and congestion can certainly be expected on the roads during the period leading up to and during the race.
With regard to the safety aspects of the race itself, the FIA is the authority. The measures taken by FIA are tried and tested based on its experience with many races worldwide, in track circuits as well as street circuits.
As a result, the FIA has comprehensive safety measures and regulations governing the conduct of F1 races so as to ensure the safety of the drivers, officials and spectators. The FIA will approve a new F1 circuit only if it meets FIA’s stringent and internationally established safety standards.
Security Measures
MHA will be working with relevant agencies, the race promoter (SGPPL) and FIA to implement the following safety and security measures:
a. For the safety of spectators, safety barricades will be lined up around the perimeter of the race circuit. This is similar to the arrangement adopted by most of the countries hosting F1 races.
b. Police will be deployed for crowd control and management of law and order situation. They will supplemented by auxiliary police officers to conduct patrols for early detection of any law and order incident as well as to manage vehicular and human traffic flow. We will work with the Land Transport Authority to provide traffic advisories for motorists and pedestrians on the alternative routes to take during the road closure.
c. In addition, SGPPL will provide a pool of marshals who are specially trained to assist with race-related contingencies and incidents. Besides providing marshals, SGPPL will deploy unarmed guards during the event to look out for unruly spectators.
d. To ensure security for the event, Police will conduct checks on bags and personal belongings at designated access points to prevent smuggling of any weapons or prohibited items. Spectators who refuse to have their bags check can be denied entry. Spectators who appear to be highly intoxicated could also be denied entry.
e. Vehicle movement into sensitive areas of the event will be restricted. For example, only essential vehicles with appropriate labels will be allowed into the paddock area where the VIP viewing gallery will be housed. Also, vehicles will be screened before they are allowed into the paddock area. Heavy vehicles, including petroleum tankers and trucks transporting tires and vehicle parts, will be checked at a pre-designated screening point away from the paddock area before access is granted.          
f.   We are also exploring the deployment of CCTV cameras to complement the security measures.
g. In the event of a major incident, unarmed guards and auxiliary police officers will assist Police in evacuating the spectators in an orderly and calm manner. SPF officers will be deployed to provide swift and firm response to any law and order incidents as well as contingencies.
 h. Police, together with SCDF and MOH, will ensure that adequate medical services and facilities will be provided during race days in response to emergency situations such as fires or accidents. Ambulances, firefighting and other emergency response vehicles will also be pre-deployed within and outside of the circuit. A key measure is to plan for and put in place access routes in and out of the race circuit for emergency vehicles. We are working with the relevant authorities to consider providing tunnel access, overhead bridge access at various intervals and service roads.
While there has not been any spectator fatality during an F1 race for the past 30 years, we will spare no effort in ensuring that the F1 race in Singapore will be conducted safely.

Source: News 27 Aug 2007

- F1 Singapore Grand Prix

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