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     FrontPage Edition: Fri 20 April 2007

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Experience lifestyle yachting with an Azurea membership


Azurea Introduces an Entirely New Lifestyle Yachting Concept to Asia

Kingfisher Marine announces the launch of Azurea, an new membership scheme that provides easy and affordable access to the exclusive world of lifestyle yachting.
Azurea caters to an entirely new niche demand which bridges the divide between yacht chartering and yacht ownership.
Azurea is specifically designed for the busy professional who wants to simply climb on board with his family or friends and go boating!
The scheme removes all of the uncertainties associated with chartering and relieves members of all the responsibilities and expense normally associated with ownership.
Lifestyle yachting refers to a new pastime enjoyed by affluent individuals who are more concerned with the enjoyment of the boating experience itself than with the technical side of boating, issues of boat ownership, imponderables of boat chartering or so-called ¡°boating culture¡±.
To be officially launched at Boat Asia 2007, Azurea is the first time this new yachting concept is being introduced anywhere in Asia.
What is Azurea?
Azurea combines the service philosophy of a five star resort with the nautical and cruising experience of Asia¡¯s top luxury yacht charter operator Kingfisher Marine.
Attentive service provided by a personal concierge, specially-trained crew and on-board chef, ensures that members and their guests have a memorable time, free of the need to plan or worry about a single thing.
For an initial membership fee plus a modest annual maintenance charge Azurea members have access to a range of three kinds of luxury motor yacht from 53ft to 73ft to 130ft. These truly state-of-the-art yachts are provided by Asia¡¯s leading megayacht builder Horizon Group of Taiwan.
Membership is designated gold, platinum and diamond based on whether the member opts for motor yacht (53ft), luxury yacht (73ft) or megayacht (130ft). Members may choose to sail from either Singapore or from Phuket to a range of destinations subject to the range of the yacht.

¡¤        Azurea Gold Membership enables you to sail from Singapore to nearby destinations such as Bintan in Indonesia or Sebana Cove in Malaysia, whilst from Phuket you may cruise to any of the hundreds of picturesque islands in the Andaman Sea.

¡¤        Azurea Platinum Membership allows you to sail further afield to Tioman or Anambas in Malaysia, whilst from Phuket you can sail down to tranquil Langkawi.

¡¤        Azurea Diamond Membership offers the chance to cruise from Singapore to Phuket, or voyage from Phuket to the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean, or even experience the romance and mystique of exploring Burma¡¯s unspoilt coastline.

What is included in Azurea Membership?
In order to deliver an easy and carefree lifestyle yachting experience, Azurea takes care of literally everything, from the practical aspects of sailing such as providing a captain, crew and cruise itinerary, to the organisation of a variety of on-board watersports including kayaking, diving, snorkelling, fishing, water skiing and jet skiing, depening on type of membership.
For Platinum and Diamond Members a revitalising spa treatment with trained therapists is also available for that full pampering experience.
A range of extended membership benefits, including golf, spa treatments and preferential rates for boat charters and purchase, also helps to make Azurea membership a truly all-the-year-round experience.
To whom does Azurea appeal?
Azurea appeals to the individual who enjoys the freedom, liberty and escapism of a boating holiday but prefers not to have the associated hassles such as maintaining a yacht, chartering a boat sight-unseen, or even preparing his own food on board.
Everything is taken care of for the guest. Azurea is about excitement and activity - it is about exploring the spectacular cruising grounds of Southeast Asia in pampered luxury. Above all, Azurea is about unsurpassed hospitality on the water.
Who is behind Azurea?
Azurea is the brainchild of Annie Lin, co-founder of Kingfisher Marine a pioneer in the luxury yacht charter business. Annie oversees the charter operations of the company¡¯s two megayachts, Phayoon 3 and MV Meditation looking after all aspects of customer service and cruise operations.
¡°Azurea is as much a new concept in hospitality as it is in boating,¡± says Annie. ¡°Our specially-trained Azurea crew and on-board staff know exactly how to take care of guests and lavish them with a lifestyle yachting experience which is second to none¡±.
Concludes Annie, ¡°It¡¯s been my dream to introduce this entirely new concept to the Asian boating industry to cater to a more discerning client who enjoys the idea of boating without the hassles of conventional chartering or ownership. Quite literally, all Azurea Members need to think about is their choice of fine wine!¡±
Azurea is backed by the unparalleled charter experience of Kingfisher Marine combined with the award-winning technology of Horizon Group of Taiwan, ranked sixth largest luxury yacht builder in the world.
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