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    Education - News



     - Singapore introduces International PSLE

     - Singapore-Cambridge GCE 'N' Level Exams 2004 Results

     - New school principals appointed

Monday with the Editor: Fumbling through Mother Tongue

"...I thank my lucky stars that when I was at school, in my time, I did not need to pass Mother Tongue in order to go to the 'A' Levels. Thousands of Singaporeans who went to school in the 80s and beyond must have had a hard time grappling with two languages. I do not envy them..."

      - Recent rape & molestation cases in Singapore


Student falls from school building in Bedok

A 15-year-old student of St Anthony's Canossian Secondary School survived a fall from the fourth storey of her school building on Monday when a small tree broke her fall. Police have ruled out both foul play and attempted suicide.

Source: Straits Times 1 Dec 2004 (H1)


The Wizard of Oz

A collaboration between Unity Secondary School and ACT 3 International

The 40-minute performance is to be staged as part of Unity¨s 5th Anniversary Celebrations

Tickets at $5/pax

Date: 27 Nov 2004

Time: 6.45pm - 9.30pm

Venue: Singapore Polytechnic Auditorium

     - Performance of 2004 PSLE cohort

     - Education: Performance by Ethnic Group 1994 - 2003

     - Changes to Teaching of Chinese in Schools from 2006

     - Reduced assessment criteria for JC project work from 2005

     - Mining the education domain

     - ITE campuses renamed as colleges from 2005

     - Monday with the Editor: Over-indulging our children

     - New School Graduation Certificate from 2008

     - Singapore Schools' Performance 2004  replaces ranking of top schools

     - Direct School Admission for Integrated Programme

     - Student Protection Scheme for international students

Five-day week for schools

"If there is a ban on weekend homework, teachers will set tighter and tighter deadlines and students would have a harder and harder time catching up with weekday work. Stress would build up to an unbearable level..."


     - Strong support for Baby Package

     - Monday with the Editor: Give our young less stress at school



     - Singapore School Term Holidays 2005

     - Monday with the Editor: Is the tablet PC project for schools ahead of its time?



Your generation and mine: Which is luckier?

How you make use of your advantages and opportunities will determine whether you can in 30 years time conclude, like I am now able to conclude, that we are luckier than our parents.


     - Monday with the Editor: Churning out better behaved Singaporeans

     - Higher Miscellaneous Fees for school students in 2005

     - Graduating Class of 2004 at Singapore Management University

     - Tanjong Katong Sec Sch goes autonomous in 2005

     - Registration of Children for Primary One in 2005



700 new teachers for primary schools: Education Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam


We have been recruiting more teachers over the last three years. It has allowed us to deploy more teachers into schools, into selected areas.

We will be providing 700 more teachers into primary schools, to enable the reduction in class sizes that we announced last year - to 30 students in P1 from 2005, and for both P1 and P2 from 2006. It will mean a reduction in the ratio of students to teaching staff from 25.2 in 2001 to 21.5 by 2006.

At the JC/CI level, we have also deployed 100 additional teachers, in order to support the implementation of project work and to prepare for the implementation of the revised JC curriculum from 2006. Going forward, we aim to continue recruiting as many good teachers as we can from the top one-third of each cohort. Complete text of speech

Source: Ministry of Education Press Release 8 Jun 2004



Excerpt from speech by Mr Ng Eng Hen, Acting Minister for Manpower and Minister of State for Education on 7 Jun 2004. (Pre-U Seminar)

From now to Singapore in 2040

Looking ahead, what can you expect of Singapore and the world? Here¨s a quick peek at the milestones towards our future.


          - New Principal of Nan Chiau High School

Excerpt from DPM Lee Hsien Loong's speech at NTU Student Union Forum on 5 Apr 2004

Singapore Students' Hopes, Fears & Dreams

"As the third generation of Singapore step out of school and into society, what do you dream to accomplish? How bold is your dream? How hard will you work towards it?

If you are totally focussed on your studies or other pre-occupations, then perhaps you are sleeping, but not dreaming. It is time for you to wake up and dream. The course in life that you are about to enrol in has no syllabus, examinations or grades. You make your own syllabus and assess yourself along the way. You may learn your grades only in old age, or maybe after you your children will find out how well you have done."


          - Performance Studies international conference: 15-18 Jun 2004

          - Singapore chooses UNSW for first foreign university

          - MOE approves two new privately funded schools

          - Singapore Examinations & Assessment Board formed

          - Centralised P4 streaming exam scrapped, EM1 & EM2 merge

          - Greater flexibility in school admission system

          - A more broad-based school ranking system

          - Singapore Cambridge GCE 'A' Level Exam 2003 Results

          - Singapore-Cambridge GCE 'O' Level Exam 2003 Results

          - President's Award for Teachers

          - Monday with the Editor: Of porn VCDs and the schoolboy

          - MOE refines mother tongue language policy

          - Proposals received for privately funded schools

          - School Terms & Holidays for 2004

          - Victoria & Temasek JCs to join Integrated Programme in 2005

          - Edusave Scheme extended to every Singaporean pupil in 2004

          - GCE N Level Examination 2003 Results

          - PSLE 2003 Results