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Monday with the Editor: Of porn VCDs & the schoolboy

Hallo everyone

Kent Ridge Secondary School made the local news last week for the wrong reasons. On 6 Feb 2004, one of their Sec 2 boys was caught in class having a porn VCD in his possession. Subsequently, a total of 3 VCDs were seized and 17 boys "rounded up for investigation".

According to The New Paper, the boys were not given food or drink during their detention at school. One boy was hospitalised. The school made a police report and the police are investigating the case now.

Did things have to come to such a stage? Granted the boys committed an offence - albeit a serious one, but did the school have to make a big thing out of the mess by reporting to the police?

These are teenagers, mind you. I ask those of you who are adults and are reading this article now - weren't you guilty at one time or another of such errant acts during your schooldays? Honestly, ask yourselves.

Teens go through a learning period. They tend to make more mistakes than adults. They learn by making mistakes - most often they will not repeat their mistakes and they get on with their lives. They grow up, move into society and forget the painful experiences of their adolescent past.

By making a police report, the school has placed the matter into the hands of the law. It's too late now for the school to back out. If the boy is charged in court and found guilty, he will bear the CONVICTED OF A CRIME mark for the rest of his life. No doubt, he will also remember the school which did this thing to him.

Is this the way we want things to turn out? I have heard of secondary school students who shoplifted, were reported to their principal and were subsequently caned or suspended from class for a week. Now that's what I call a school. A school is a place which educates its pupils - picks out their wrongdoings, gives them a chance and guides them on the right path SO THAT as adults its pupils will not repeat such wrongdoings which could cause them to spend time in jail.

I am hopeful that although the whole sordid affair has been placed in the hands of the police, things may not be so bad after all. The police may just give a written warning and not proceed with prosecution. 

The first wrong step - in my opinion - has been taken by the school concerned. Let the police right the first wrong and at the same time not allow a second wrong step to take place. The school is a place where a person learns from mistakes - education is all about learning and preparing for the work of life! If not, tell me, which place allows a person to do that and come out tops?

Have a good week!




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16 February 2004