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     - Hua Song Museum opens at Haw Par Villa


      - New terminal for low-cost carriers to open on 26 March 2006


Impact of HIV epidemic on men, women & children in Singapore

"Previously, some wives were not aware of their spouse's HIV status and so they were at risk of the HIV infection. Since July this year, we have informed the wife when the infected husband had not informed her of his positive HIV status.

"Over the last 5 months, 41 women have been informed by hand-delivered letters that their partner is infected and that they should go to CDC for testing..."



198 Singaporeans infected with HIV in first 10 months of 2005

"This brings the total number of HIV infected Singaporeans including 25 children to 2584 as of Oct 2005. Of these, 999 are asymptomatic carriers, 631 have full-blown AIDS and 954 have died.
"Heterosexual transmission has been the most common mode of HIV transmission among Singaporeans since 1991. Most of these cases contracted the infection through casual sex and sex with prostitutes in Singapore and overseas..."



Woman fined $3000 for hindering ICA officers in their duties

"Mdm Tan had returned to Singapore from China on 30th September 2005 at about 7.40 pm through the Changi International Airport Terminal 2. ICA officers noticed that she had brought two roast geese from China with her to Singapore.

"Mdm Tan was informed she had to surrender the two roast geese for disposal, as she did not have a licence to bring them in. She hindered the ICA officers in the execution of their duties by refusing to surrender the roast geese brought from China and subsequently throwing the roast geese onto the floor..."


      - Singapore Tourism Board launches 'Unique2Me' Photo Contest




Compulsory registration for pre-paid SIM card holders

"From 1 November, mobile service providers, such as the Singapore Telecom Mobile Pte Ltd, StarHub Mobile Pte Ltd and MobileOne Ltd, will be required to ensure compliance in recording the personal details of all customers who buy prepaid SIM cards...

"...all existing prepaid SIM card users are required to re-register at retail outlets which sell prepaid SIM cards sold by their respective mobile service providers.

"Customers must be at least 15 years old before being eligible to purchase a prepaid SIM card..."


      - Annual Fire Walking Festival 2005

     - Changi Airport to introduce self-service check-in kiosks in 2006

     - Transit passengers at Changi Airport get to explore Singapore

     - Tourist attraction Newton Food Centre closes for makeover

     - The Singapore Flyer to be completed in early 2008

     - 60th Anniversary of the End of World War II

     - Singapore voted world's Best Business City


     - First Gate at Singapore Changi Airport ready for Airbus A380

     - Raffles Hotel to be sold to US-based investment fund

     - Singapore Food Festival 2005 (1 - 31 Jul 2005)

     - Olympic fever set to hit town with IOC meeting in July 2005

     - MRT extension to link NEL's Chinatown station to Marina Bay

     - Singapore Cable Car renamed Mount Faber Leisure Group

     - Interruption of Cable Car Service


     - S.P.F.G Boutique Cafe opens in Changi Airport Terminal 1

     - Poliomyelitis - important to ensure all children are vaccinated


Celebrate Singapore This August!

• Red Hot Deals (month of August)
• Malls at Marina Bay promotions (month of August)

• Carnival@Marina (6 - 14 August)
• Skydive Festival (18 C 21 August)
• Dim Sum Dollies C Singapore¨s Most Wanted (5 C 20 August)
• WOMAD (26 C 28 August)


     - Singapore - Asia Pacific's most affordable tourist shopping destination

     - Changi Airport's no-frills terminal ready in early 2006


My Uniquely Singapore Passport 2005

"The Passport offers holders (Singapore residents or visitors) discounts at 40 Singapore establishments including tourist attractions, F&B outlets as well as a family-oriented spa..."


Monday with the Editor: Glad my home is Singapore

"...Forgive me for sounding cruel, but I would say -- jolly well have more such experiences while we are overseas, either on short-work assignments or holiday trips. These experiences will help us appreciate things we take for granted in Singapore, as one such experience helped enlighten the Singaporean visitor to Batam, that 'it is only now that I appreciate the orientation towards excellence in public service. A similar incident would not be allowed to happen in Singapore and, even if it did, the victim would be ensured a proper channel for redress'..."



     - Singapore Public Holidays 2006 Gazetted




AIDS Epidemic - 311 new cases in 2004: Dr Balaji Sadasivan

"...We do not know the reasons for the sharp increase of HIV in the gay community. An epidemiologist has suggested that this may be linked to the annual predominantly gay party in Sentosa - the Nation Party -which allowed gays from high prevalence societies to fraternize with local gay men, seeding the infection in the local community. However, this is a hypothesis and more research needs to done.

"The reported new cases are only the tip of the ice-berg. In total, we have more than 2,000 HIV/AIDS patients. But for every AIDS patient we have diagnosed, there are possibly 2 to 4 undiagnosed patients with HIV in Singapore. That means there could be, anywhere between 4,000 to 8,000, undiagnosed HIV patients in Singapore..."


     - Smoking ban to cover more public places from 1 Oct 2005

New biometric passports for Singaporeans

"...The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) plans to introduce a Singapore biometric passport by October this year. This new passport will contain the person's unique facial and fingerprint information.

"It will make use of an inventory control number as the passport number, instead of the current approach of using the person¨s NRIC number. This unique inventory number will make it easier to share information on lost and stolen Singaporean passports as part of the global effort to curb passport abuse.

"The validity period will be shortened from the present 10 years to 5 years, to allow us to incorporate new technologies into the Singapore passport more rapidly. The biometric passport will speed up immigration clearance significantly, as well as deter people from misusing the Singapore passport, thus upholding the reputation of the Singapore passport, and facilitating our citizens' travel overseas.

"...Minister elaborated that the fees for the new biometric passport planned to be introduced by October this year, have not been determined. He added that the existing passports that have not expired continue to be valid..."

Response given by the Minister for Home Affairs, Mr Wong Kan Seng at the Committee of Supply Debate on the Ministry of Home Affairs, Thursday, 3 March 2005

Source: Ministry of Home Affairs Press Release 3 Mar 2005

       - CCTVs to be used in parts of Geylang to combat vice

     - 11,790 Immigration Offenders Arrested in 2004

     - 60th Anniversary of end of World War II in Asia Pacific

     - Foreign Vehicle Entry Permit operating hours shortened from 4 Feb 05

     - Singapore Tourism Board aims for 8.9 million visitors in 2005

     - Singapore Airlines to be first to fly Airbus A380

     - Singapore tourism targeted to net S$30 billion by 2015


     - Social Safeguards for Integrated Resort with Casino Gaming

     - Update following earthquake and tsunami

     - Monday with the Editor: Hello Singapore


Singapore welcomes 8 millionth visitor

Japanese visitor Tomika Kondo with husband


The Nation's Countdown 2004

Friday 31 Dec 2004

7pm - 7am (the next day)

Siloso Beach, Sentosa


Police reject Snowball.04 application

...The Police recognise that there are some Singaporeans with gay tendencies. While Police do not discriminate against them on this basis, the Police also recognise that Singapore is still, by and large, a conservative and traditional society.
Hence, the Police cannot approve any application for an event which goes against the moral values of a large majority of Singaporeans...


Changes to Vehicle Entry Permit scheme for visitors from 6 Dec 2004

Reduction in VEP fees from S$30 to S$20 a day for foreign motorists driving foreign-registered cars into Singapore.
Reduction in the VEP operating hours on weekdays for the 6 December to 31 December 2004 period. The VEP will end at 12.00 noon instead of 7.00 pm.
Reduction in the fixed priced ERP charges from S$10 to S$5 a day, for visiting motorists who choose to use ERP-priced roads during ERP operating hours but do not have In-Vehicle Units (IUs) in their cars.
The normal toll charges for foreign-registered cars will still apply.

     - Changi Airport tests automated check-in & immigration system


Amendments to the Immigration Act

" 2003, ICA repatriated more than 11,800 foreigners who had either entered Singapore illegally or violated the conditions set out in their immigration passes.

To enable swifter repatriation of these undesirable foreigners, clause 16 will empower the Controller to seize monies found in possession of any prohibited immigrant to cover any expenses incurred by the Government in connection with his or his dependents' detention, maintenance, medical treatment and removal from Singapore.


     - Armed police patrols in public places since 1 Nov 2004

     - Singapore facing an alarming AIDS epidemic

Changes in Singapore Aviation Landscape

Singapore now has two new Singapore carriers, Valuair and Tiger Airways, with another, Jetstar Asia, planning to start services by year end. With Tiger¨s commitment, CAAS has decided to build a dedicated terminal for such low cost carriers.


     - Update on cholera cases in Singapore

     - New low-cost terminal for Changi Airport by 2006

     - Changi Airport - IT shopping haven for travellers

Singapore voted No. 1 city in the world

Readers of Conde Nast Traveller, an award-winning US-based travel magazine, have voted Singapore as the world's best city in its latest annual survey.

Source: Straits Times 21 Sep 2004 (3)


Tiger Airways starts maiden flight

Singapore Airlines-backed budget carrier Tiger Airways started its maiden flight to Bangkok yesterday. It sold S$1 tickets to Bangkok, Hat Yai and Phuket last month.

Source: Straits Times 16 Sep 2004 (H6)






     - Chinatown Night Market opens for business

   - Cessation of temperature checks at border checkpoints from 9 Jun 2004 

     - Hua Song Museum in Haw Par Villa to open in December 2004

     - Singapore Airlines to fly non-stop to New York from 28 Jun 2004


     - STB to launch 'Uniquely Singapore Shop & Eat Tours'

     - Hua Song Museum in Haw Par Villa to open in December 2004

     - SARS situation in China; precautionary measures in Singapore

     - Singapore Tourism Board launches 'Uniquely Singapore' brand

     - Parts of Changi Prison to be preserved


     - A new probable SARS case

     - Phua Chu Kang & Ning Baizura are new Celebrity Ambassadors to Malaysia

     -  Singapore Tourism Board advisory on SARS